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The importance of FAREWELL

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

When the death of a loved one occurs there is often a mix of feelings including a sense of overwhelming sadness, even shock and pain. Navigating your way through the grieving process and planning a funeral or memorial service can be a challenging, even stressful time as you farewell your loved one and struggle to come to terms with your loss, remembering the life that they lived and the part they played in your life.

This is a time when an experienced and empathetic celebrant can make a real difference, by working with those left behind to co-ordinate a personalised service that is a true reflection of the person who has died.

A farewell can be a time to come together, grieve together and say goodbye together. There can be music, readings/poetry and family rituals that your loved one was particularly fond of as well as tributes (even their favourite ice cream or tequila shots!) to celebrate a life well lived and begin the process of acknowledging your loss and acknowledging that the days to come are going to be different. As difficult as it will be, saying goodbye is a vital step in the grieving process.

Let me hold your hand to gently guide you through this process of farewell, it can be immediately following a death or sometime after a death to plan a gathering in their memory, in a location that is special to you or the deceased. Saying farewell allows you to put words to feelings and shape how you remember someone you loved.

Read more about the support and services I provide at the links below:

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