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When a loved family member dies, whether sudden or expected, their death triggers change. Loved ones will be thrust in grief, it is a very sobering time.

If the death was expected, family may have already had conversations about what comes next. If the death was sudden, family will be in various states of shock.

The most immediate need is for someone to take care of your loved one and that will be a Funeral Director, who will come to the place of death and take your loved one into their care. They will support and mentor your family on what happens next.

Please never underestimate the importance of having some form of farewell for your loved one. They may have said ‘I don’t want a funeral, no service, no fuss.’ It’s possible to have a shared farewell without a lot of fuss or to make it a bigger send-off. In either case this is your family’s shared opportunity to openly grieve and say goodbye in your own way.

This is where some like me will bring guidance, support and comfort. Those of us in the ‘death and grief’ business know how important it is for the living to gather, celebrate a life, share stories and to lay a loved one to rest collectively.

You may be put in touch with me via a Funeral Director, or you can contact me directly. As a member of Celebrants Aotearoa NZ, I am professional, trained and experienced in this area. I am someone you can trust and lean on to facilitate a personalised and meaningful service to honour your loved one. CANZ funeral celebrants in your greater area.

As a funeral celebrant, I take pride in creating funerals or other forms of farewell that respect all beliefs, ethnicities, genders and faiths. I will work closely with your family, listening, supporting, advising and take the time to get to know you as well as the deceased.

Together, we will find how best to say goodbye to your loved one. I will then craft a service from your discussion that reflects the personality, beliefs and values of your loved one, and one in which you can participate if you choose to.

The single most important advantage of working with a professional funeral celebrant is the level of personalisation I will bring to the service that will incorporate unique rituals, readings and music that hold significance for the family and the deceased. This personal touch will deeply enrich the service and leave lasting memories.

Whether you choose to bury or cremate your loved one, a well-structured farewell service can provide closure and a sense of community, helping individuals come to terms with their loss.

As the funeral celebrant, I play a crucial role in helping families navigate the difficult terrain of grief and loss by creating a farewell that will some solace to those left behind.

More information is available on my website tabs Funerals & Farewells and Let's Remember.

(With thanks to Celebrants Aotearoa NZ)

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