"Your gift of helping others is a gift that I will treasure forever. You're an amazing caring person who holds the mana of the event with compassion and style and takes the worry out of a hard situation." 

Oil Lamp Offering

"We wanted an evening that reflected love for our loved one, but also to care for our guests emotions and give us all a sense of hope moving forward, with love and laughter mixed in with the sadness of remembrance. We received heartfelt messages from guests, expressing how special the evening was for them. Jill was the perfect fit for us."



Ruby Jones, a Wellington writer, summed up grief when she wrote... 

"Nothing can prepare us for people leaving early.

Grief will come in waves, but the waves will subside and the sun will still rise."


Losing a loved one is hard. Losing a loved one without having the opportunity to say goodbye or hold a farewell service can be doubly hard. It takes strength and courage to carry on with life.


I am available to help plan and officiate remembrance gatherings. These can take the form of acknowledging the recent or past loss of a loved one, perhaps a short time or even a long time after a funeral has been held, or when there was no formal farewell at the time of death. The timing could be a month, a year, maybe a birthday or anniversary date or simply, just wanting a time to re-connect with family, friends and whanau and remember the person who has died. 

Remembrance gatherings can be a time to celebrate a life loved and lost; the happy times and the times when hearts were broken. Maybe a time when a loss was too painful to bear. These times to gather can offer healing and are a time to re-affirm the bonds of family and community that sustain us in sorrow. ​

So, let me hold your hand and work with you to plan a personal ceremony.  Together we can make something special whether it's big or small, day or night, in a place that holds special significance to you;  your home, cemetery, beach, garden - with a blessing, or not – the choice is yours.

Email or call me to talk through how we can plan something memorable together.