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"Your gift of helping others is a gift that I will treasure forever. You're an amazing caring person who holds the mana of the event with compassion and style and takes the worry out of a hard situation." 

Oil Lamp Offering

"We wanted an evening that reflected love for our loved one, but also to care for our guests emotions and give us all a sense of hope moving forward, with love and laughter mixed in with the sadness of remembrance. We received heartfelt messages from guests, expressing how special the evening was for them. Jill was the perfect fit for us."



Ruby Jones, a Wellington writer, summed up grief when she wrote... 

"Nothing can prepare us for people leaving early.

Grief will come in waves, but the waves will subside and the sun will still rise."


Losing a loved one is an incredibly challenging ordeal. The absence of an opportunity to bid farewell or hold a farewell service can amplify the anguish of loss. In such times, summoning the strength and courage to carry on with life can seem overwhelming.

The aftermath of death within a family or community often ushers in a whirlwind of heightened emotions and surreal experiences. Navigating through this tumultuous period demands adept guidance, empathy, and the capacity to engage in difficult conversations with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

As a compassionate celebrant, I stand ready to offer support and empathy as you traverse the complexities of grief. My expertise lies in orchestrating and officiating personalised remembrance gatherings tailored to your family's unique needs. These gatherings provide a space to acknowledge the recent or past loss of a loved one, whether it occurs shortly after a funeral or at a later juncture.

Furthermore, I extend my services to assist families in initiating the pre-planning process for farewells before death occurs or just sitting with family offering some gentle words of comfort. 

Remembrance gatherings serve as a platform to celebrate the life of your cherished one, embracing both the joyful memories and the poignant moments of heartache. They serve as a catalyst for healing and an opportunity to reaffirm the bonds of family and community.

Allow me to walk alongside you during this trying time as we collaboratively craft a heartfelt and personalised ceremony. Whether it's an intimate gathering at home, a garden, a chapel or a larger-scale event, during daylight hours or under the cloak of night, in a location imbued with special significance to you, I am dedicated to curating a meaningful experience that pays homage to your loved one's memory.

Please feel free to reach out by phone or email to explore how we can co-ordinate a poignant ceremony together. Your journey through grief is unique, and I am here to provide unwavering support and guidance. 


"What you did for our family was very special. We all agreed it couldn't have been more perfect, and exactly what        Mum would have wanted. You set the tone beautifully. It would have been clear to everyone there you had met Mum

and spent time with her."

Thank you Jill for your significant contribution to our family interment service. All present remarked on how well everything went."

"Thank you so much for helping us put together such a beautiful remembrance gathering for our family. Your thoughtfulness and suggestions were simply fabulous and you were so accommodating to changes we made along            the way. The day was so very special in so many ways. "

"Thank you for all your support from our first meeting, on-site planning session, the opening night and your reassuring presence on the evening of the memorial."

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