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SIX TIPS for Outdoor Weddings in Wellington

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Planning an outdoor wedding in Wellington offers you a huge range of options.

Do you want a setting in nature, beside the sea, at your home (or my garden), or a prestigious location in the wonderful city of Wellington? The choice is endless!

A few words of advice:

TIP 1: Always, yes always, have a back-up plan in case the weather prohibits you from having an outdoor wedding. Both your indoor and outdoor locations need to be included in your marriage license application.

TIP 2: Visit the location in the season you want to be married before you make your final decision and check what impact weather conditions could have on your day - especially Wellington's wind!

TIP 3: Check location for privacy - particularly if its a popular beach for families. Look for quiet spots even in busy places and what the backdrop and outlook is.

TIP 4: Always check with Wellington City Council if you need a permit to hold your wedding in your chosen location. Some locations require not only a permit, but also a fee. Having a permit, means you have permission to hold your ceremony exactly where you want it. Visit

TIP 5: You can have your wedding at your chosen outdoor location, then make your way to different locations for your photos and reception celebration.

TIP 6: Talk to your ME about outdoor locations I recommend or those that I know of that will be perfect spot for you!

Wellington offers such a diverse range of stunning natural backdrops for your celebration so let's chat about whether you want my Registry, Petite or Boutique wedding package - together, we can make it happen!

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