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Baby, its cold outside... WINTER WEDDINGS

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

While Michael Bublé crooned about it being cold outside, don't let the thought of a winter wedding put you off and perhaps over lockdown you've got serious about getting married. Once rarely considered, having your wedding mid-year has many advantages:

  • your guests might not have been to a celebration for a while, and they will be excited about something different

  • a smaller number of guests, can lead to a more intimate affair

  • a short lead time means there are are plenty of options as it's not the mayhem of 'wedding season'. Often venues, caterers, florists, photographers, entertainment offer off-season prices

  • winter light is considered by some as the best you'll get all year for photographs. The added bonus of an earlier sunset - ideal for those golden dreamy shots!

  • an opportunity for the bride to wear a sumptuous fur wrap over a long sleeved dress and yes, stockings

  • think mulled wine, open fires, flickering candles, fairy lights

  • add a rich palette of wintry colours like burgundy, copper, emerald green or burnt orange

  • winter brides and grooms have the benefit of being able to jet-off somewhere warmer straight away, a great retreat from the cold!

Why not consider a winter wedding? It can be unique, memorable and inspiring!

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