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#10 TIPS for the day after your wedding

After a magical wedding day filled with fun, family, friends, food/drinks and dancing, it's OK to feel exhausted the day after, so here's my #10 Tips...

Tip #1. Relax as newlyweds

This is definitely the most obvious, but so important. Most newlyweds have spent the few weeks in a constant state of busy wedding mode, so it's easy to forget to unwind and enjoy your first day as a married couple. Sleep in, eat breakfast in bed and take time to reflect on how amazing your wedding was.

Tip #2. Clean up reception venue

This is probably the least relaxing way to spend the day after your wedding, but it's often necessary and depending on what arrangement you have with your venue, you may need to spend some time putting away chairs and tables, picking up table decorations etc. Get a crew of family/friends to help out so it doesn’t fall 100% to you.

Tip #3. Open gifts

Opening cards and wedding gifts is definitely a post-wedding highlight and there's no doubt that this time is an exciting part of the experience. Don’t forget to take note of who got you what so you can send out a personal thank you note in the not too distant future.

Tip #4. Spend time with family + friends

Whether you invite everyone over for a late coffee or go out for a light lunch, consider spending time with your out-of-town guests. These people travelled from who-knows-where to see you, so make sure to make time for them or consider a low-key outing that won't take up a lot of your energy such as a BYO picnic or read Tip #5 below.

Tip #5. Informal lunch/brunch

This is becoming a tradition for some couples but remember, it’s not compulsory and it’s not necessarily your get-together to host. It doesn’t have to be some grand event (or a re-run of your wedding day), but invite your nearest and dearest for an informal get-together – maybe a BBQ, shared platters and finish off that leftover wedding cake

Tip #6. Look at wedding photos

Some guests may have sent you photos they took throughout the day and sometimes these candid shots can be super meaningful even if they weren’t captured by your photographer.

Tip #7. Pack your bag

In these days of living with Covid restrictions, perhaps jetting off on a honeymoon isn’t possible or you may be on a tight budget and want to spend time at home together, but if you are heading away, pack a bag of essentials – and that includes a good book or two!

Tip #8. Take care of your wedding dress

After your wedding day is over, it's easy to forget about taking care of your dress. If you want to keep your dress, it needs to be cleaned by a professional. Ask others for a reliable and trustworthy referral.

Tip #9. Organise wedding hire returns

Depending on what you hired equipment, suits, napkins some companies may require rentals to be returned sooner rather than later so it’s better to be organised than to pay late fees.

Tip #10. Thank your vendors

Send a thank you message to significant vendors ie venue, photographer, DJ, caterer, florist – maybe even your celebrant (!) and/or write them a Google review.

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