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10 BENEFITS to a small wedding

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Choosing to have a small wedding (along the lines of my PETITE PACKAGE) means some of your choices can be more spontaneous, splurge on what matters to you and have the courage to do it your way!

1 First and foremost, it saves you money!

2 There’s not so much detail to get stressed about.

3 Shorten your timeline to get married… maybe sooner rather than later.

4 Decide on a unique setting that is memorable for you.

5 Buy that stunning outfit you just adore, or even just one piece that says WOW!

6 Wear your favourite colour, casual or formal the choice is yours.

7 Hire a vintage car or racy sports car – for a very classy arrival and departure.

8 Order a sumptuous picnic basket for two plus a fabulous bottle of bubbles.


9 Post an e-announcement to family and friends or send a stylish card via snail mail.

10 In your own time host a party for loved ones.

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