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I understand choosing a celebrant is a big decision so I hope by reading more about me and browsing the services I provide, that you will consider me as your celebrant. 

As a trained, sincere and experienced celebrant, I craft and deliver your personal story for any significant life event you wish to mark and/or celebrate, 

including but not limited to the list of ceremonies outlined below. 

Ceremonies are a time for celebration however, they can also help heal in times

of sadness or loss. I am a celebrant who will create exactly the celebration you want. Your personal experiences deserve a unique, memorable and heartfelt ceremony.

PLEASE NOTE: The Wellington region is currently living under Alert Level 1.

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Celebration ceremonies we can work together on...

  • Weddings

  • Civil Unions 

  • Commitments

  • Elopements

  • Vow Renewals

  • Anniversaries

  • Namings or Blessings

  • Special Birthdays

  • Funerals

  • Celebrations of Life

  • Memorials

  • Cremations 

  • Interments                                                                                                                  In other words, any significant occasion you wish to celebrate! 


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"Jill has integrity above all things. A consummate worker and a principled person, she navigates her life with genuine care for others and the world she inhabits. Kind to others, she gains great pleasure from giving.

Jill has proven to be a sound communicator, is organised and prepared and is always mindful of the protocols around special occasions. She listens to others and in word and deed meets their expectations. Jill’s life experiences and innate empathy allows her to be mindful of diversity at all times contributing to her ability to be an outstanding celebrant.

​Jill is highly efficient and can be absolutely relied upon to meet deadlines and complete any task to the best of her ability.  Jill is also meticulous and takes great pride in her work. Written documentation is always expertly presented and technically accurate because she attends to detail. "