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Celebrate Registry Weddings with Jill

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

I am excited to have successfully completed the process of becoming a Validated Member of CANZ (Celebrants Association of NZ) and can offer my services to perform registry weddings.

The bonus is my central Lower Hutt home/garden is available for this type of event, at no extra charge however, I am also open to coming to your chosen location/venue.

Registry ceremonies are short, simple and time-efficient for all involved. There is no prior meeting between the celebrant and couple however, having a registry wedding is no less exciting or special - I promise to be inclusive of all cultures, couples and families and look forward to you contacting me.

As part of the terms and conditions of my appointment, I have agreed to ...

  • Perform registry ceremonies only on week days, which excludes weekends and public holidays.

  • Be paid a set fee $90 by each couple and not charge additional fees.

  • Each couple will provide two witnesses, and interpreter if required.

  • Deliver the set registry ceremony script template as supplied by Births, Deaths & Marriages with standard legal vows used.

  • A registry ceremony is appropriate for a maximum of 20 guests at your chosen location or 15 guests if you wish to hold your wedding in my garden.

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