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Celebrate Registry Weddings with Jill

Updated: Jan 12

I am excited to have successfully completed the process of becoming a Validated Member of CANZ (Celebrants Association of NZ) and will be able to offer my services to perform registry weddings with immediate effect.

The bonus is my garden is available for this type of event, at no extra charge however, I am also open to coming to your chosen location.

Having a registry wedding is no less exciting or special - I guarantee to provide you this atmosphere and look forward to you contacting me.

As part of the terms and conditions of my appointment, I have agreed to ...

  • Perform registry ceremonies on week days, excluding public holidays.

  • Be paid a set fee $90 by each couple and not charge additional fees.

  • Each couple will provide two witnesses, and interpreter if required.

  • Not encourage couples to agree to a different type of ceremony.

  • Deliver the standard registry ceremony template as supplied by the Department. of Internal Affairs.

  • Not hold any planning meetings before the ceremony.

  • Ensure the maximum length of the ceremony will be 30 minutes.